Drone Packages

All kits have been thoroughly flight-tested & are ready to take to the skies.

Beginner/Scouting System is our Mini 4 Pro Kit
  • Our smallest and most advanced drone yet.
  • Integrate screen on controller
    Advanced Systems for Mapping, Multispectral & Thermal are the 3 Series.
    • Available in 3 versions. 
      • 3E - High Resolution Mapping
      • 3M - Multispectral  (G/R/RE/NIR)
      • 3T - Thermal
      Pro Systems are M350 & Quantix
      • M350 is the flagship for ANY mission, we offer 5 optional sensors. 
        • Fire & Search Rescue
        • Agriculture 
        • Construction 
        • Quantix is a VERY affordable platform to cover a lot of acres.
        Sprayer System is T40
        • Spray up to 50 acres an hr (36' spray width)
        • Been super reliable, best sprayer drone in the market.