What's FlyingAg

Established in 2015, Flying AG was launched by a group of successful farmers and growers from across the U.S. who work conscientiously to help other farmers decide what to use, who to trust and where to go in this huge space of unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology.   Our philosophy and mission are to provide an array of products to farmers across various price points making aerial imaging a resourceful tool for large and small operations growing a variety of crops.  

Above: FlyingAg owners Martin Hein & Randy Aberle using DroneDeploy at the Hein Ranch Company near Bakersfield CA. 


Above: FlyingAg owners Corey Jacobs, Randy Aberle & Martin Hein testing new system in Melvin IL. 


We stand for relationships with our customers. Flying AG will put together a UAS based on the farmer’s needs, and then back the technology with personalized education and product support.  Now farmers can take advantage of cutting-edge technology in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to scout crops – saving both time and money.

  • UAVs save time by allowing farmers to cover more acreage quicker and from a bird’s eye view.
  • UAVs save money by identifying potential problems earlier so farmers can mitigate against problems like weeds or pest infestations.
  • UAVs increase profits by identifying areas where inputs, like nutrients, need to be applied, decreasing costs and increasing yields.
  • UAVs provide immediate data so farmers and growers can react quickly to changing conditions and opportunities.
  • UAVs provide unencumbered access to assess plant conditions and animal health.

Because Flying AG is owned and operated by Illinois, Indiana and California farmers and growers actively engaged in production agriculture, they are committed to helping their fellow producers find solutions tailored to fit their unique needs. Rather than re-inventing the wheel and manufacturing new technology, the team at Flying AG is committed to using available technology and customizing it for the agricultural marketplace. “We are offering products currently available in the market, but we are adding support, training and service to support our farm customers,” said co-founder Randy Aberle.

The founders of Flying AG have been utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in their own operations and have joined forces to offer innovative new solutions to the agricultural marketplace.

Above: Randy Aberle

 Randy Aberle raises corn, soybeans and wheat on his 2,500-acre farm outside of Gibson, Ill. His farming business is very technology focused. In addition to variable rate planting and input applications, he has also integrated aerial imaging into his operation.  "After being around this technology now for nearly 7 years it's great to see the progression into something practical. The technology has allowed me to pinpoint problems like hail damage and bug infestations earlier than ever before."  You can follow Randy's farming operation here or RA Seeding Solutions 


Above: Martin Hein w/ his twins in Central California. 
Martin Hein is a fourth-generation California grower, managing over 6,000 acres of almonds, citrus and grapes. As a commercial grower and an Accredited Farm Manager, he has experienced how technology that provides real-time information can impact current high-value crops and the long-term future of established fields, groves and vineyards. Aerial imaging technology provides immediate data so farmers and growers can react quickly to changing conditions and opportunities.“This technology provides real-time information that can impact current high-value crops and the long-term future of established fields, groves, and vineyards,” says California farmer Martin Hein. “Aerial imaging provides immediate data so I can react quickly to changing conditions.”


Above: Corey Jacobs boys watch dad in action on their farm in Indiana. 

 Corey Jacobs has been always been an advocate for improving technology practices on his family’s farm in rural Indiana where they raise hogs and grow 2,000 acres of corn.  He immediately saw the benefits of UAVs on his farm and wanted to be able to offer this technology to others.  “Before using UAVs, I had to walk fields with 10-foot corn in the heat of the day to look for problem areas,” says Indiana farmer Corey Jacobs. “Now, I can scout my fields from above to get a bird’s-eye view of crops and to identify issues earlier. Boots on the ground can then target those specific areas that need attention.” Corey also has developed a new business called "Pork to Fork, learn more: 


We are constancy testing the latest in technology, from our farms to yours.

Thanks for your continued trust and support. 

Randy, Martin & Corey