DJI Matrice 3D/3TD Intelligent Flight Battery

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Experience unmatched flight performance with the Ultimate Battery for DJI Matrice 3D/3TD. This intelligent flight battery delivers extended flight times, exceptional reliability, and advanced power management. Perfect for professional drone operations, it ensures your missions are executed with precision and efficiency. Upgrade to the best in drone battery technology for superior results.

High Capacity Cells: Utilizes premium high-capacity lithium-ion cells to deliver maximum energy storage, enabling significantly longer flight durations and enhancing mission capabilities.

Smart Battery Management System (BMS): Integrates a sophisticated BMS that continuously monitors and balances each cell, ensuring optimal performance, maximizing longevity, and providing protection against common battery issues.

Real-Time Battery Status Monitoring: Provides real-time updates on battery health, charge levels, and remaining flight time through DJI’s user interface, allowing for better planning and management of flight operations.

Temperature Control: Incorporates advanced thermal management systems to maintain ideal operating temperatures, preventing overheating during demanding missions and extending overall battery lifespan.

Weather-Resistant Design: Features a robust, weather-resistant casing designed to protect the battery from rain, dust, and other environmental hazards, ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions.

Automated Discharge: Automatically discharges to a safe storage level when not in use for extended periods, preventing over-discharge, maintaining battery health, and prolonging its useful life.

Compatibility with DJI Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrates with DJI Matrice 3D/3TD drones and accessories, ensuring effortless setup, smooth operation, and compatibility with existing DJI flight systems and software.

Compatible for Matrice 3D/3TD

Capacity 7811 mAh
Voltage 14.76 V
Max Charging Voltage 17.0 V
Type Li-ion 4S
Chemical System LiNiMnCoO2
Energy 115.2 Wh
Weight 19.18 oz (544 g)
Cycle Count 400
Charging Temperature 5° to 45° C (41° to 113° F)

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