DJI Agras 12000iE Generator for Agras Drone

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The DJI Agras D12000iE Generator provides ultra-fast charging for the Agras T40 Intelligent Flight Battery. 12000W multifunctional inverter generator with new EFI technology and 15% fuel saving.


  • 30L tank charges 47 batteries
  • 1500W AC output
  • 9-min ultra-fast charging

Output Channel

  • DC charging output 42-59.92V/9000W
  • Power supply for air-cooled heat sink 12 V/6 A
  • AC output 230V/1500W or 120V/750W

Battery Charging Time

  • To fully charge one battery (T40 battery) takes 9-12 mins

Fuel Tank Capacity

  • 30L

Starting Method

  • Starting the Generator via the One-Button Start Switch

Max Power of Engine

  • 12000 W

Fuel Type

  • Unleaded gasoline with RON ≥91 (AKI ≥87) and alcohol content less than 10%

Reference Fuel Consumption

  • 500 ml/kWh

Engine Oil Model

  • SJ 10W-40