Zenmuse H20N Night Vision Camera

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Equip Your Drone for Nocturnal Missions

The DJI Zenmuse H20N SP introduces an optional payload, purpose-built to instill confidence in your nighttime endeavors with the DJI Matrice 350 RTK drone. This detachable camera system encompasses a versatile array of optical marvels, including two infrared cameras, two night vision cameras, and a laser rangefinder. Its adaptable nature enables seamless transitions between thermal and night vision modes, or simultaneous use of both via a convenient split-screen option. Such flexibility positions the H20N as the ultimate asset for nocturnal inspections, firefighting, and search and rescue missions.

Dual Optical and Thermal Vision

Each night vision camera incorporates a starlight sensor meticulously crafted for low-light scenarios. One features a wide camera with a generous 73.6° field of view, while the other boasts a zoom camera with an impressive 20X optical zoom capability. Similarly, the thermal camera duo offers a powerful thermal imaging experience, with a wide thermal camera having a 45.5° perspective and a telephoto thermal camera equipped with an 8X optical zoom capacity.

In split-screen mode, the synchronization of zoom capabilities between the thermal and starlight cameras simplifies real-time cross-referencing of crucial details. Additionally, you can customize thermal color palettes, highlight specific temperature ranges for enhanced visibility, and establish temperature alarms. The laser rangefinder complements this package by enabling precise "PinPoint" assignments for subjects and the transmission of their exact coordinates to your ground team.

Built to Endure

The H20N showcases its resilience with an IP44 weather-resistant rating, designed to withstand extreme temperatures. From frigid environments plummeting to -4°F to scorching conditions reaching up to 122°F, it remains a reliable asset for nighttime drone operations. This attribute proves invaluable for emergency response and law enforcement activities, where the luxury of choosing the timing is often non-existent.