Quantix Mapper


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FlyingAg is thrilled to announce our exclusive cooperation with AeroVironment to sell Quantix Mapper hybrid VTOL drone and Quantix-related parts & accessories. Learn more about this quick and simple mapping solution below.  


Quantix is a powerfully simple to use UAV empowering users through its fully-automated operation and instant insight. Its hybrid design allows the aircraft to launch vertically and transition to horizontal flight; maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and range. Users can immediately view high resolution imagery on the included Operating Tablet – no other devices, internet or additional software required. With the touch of a button, users can quickly and safely generate up to date maps for in-field assessment. Whether assessing crop growth during key stages, or damage from storm, flood and fire, Quantix Mapper makes It easy to gather accurate images across a large area, assess and react to situation with precision and speed.

Creating a NEW Collection Area:


Magnetometer Calibration

Before you start the calibration, make sure the following good practices are observed:

    • Do not perform a calibration indoors or within 10 feet of a building.
    • Do not perform a calibration within 15 feet of a vehicle.
    • Empty your pockets of all electronics (phones, watches, etc.), large metallic objects (knives, etc.), and magnetic objects.
      • Keys and metal objects of similar size are okay if kept away from the aircraft.
      • Be sure to place removed items at least 5–10 feet away from the calibration location.