The Farmers


 The Farmers, Corey, Randy & Martin.


Martin Hein, Visalia, California

Twitter: @heinsite57
Martin Hein, co-founder of Flying AG, is a fourth-generation California grower.  Martin currently manages approximately 5,500 acres of almonds, avocadoes, citrus, and grapes in Fresno, Kern, San Luis Obispo, and Tulare Counties.

As a commercial grower and an Accredited Farm Manager, Martin has experienced how technology that provides real-time information can impact current high-value crops and the long-term future of established orchards, groves and vineyards.  Aerial imaging technology provides immediate data so growers can react quickly to changing conditions and opportunities.

Martin is a licensed commercial pilot, with nearly 25 years of flying experience. More recently, he has flown unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to survey his own ranch and those he manages.  His role in Flying AG is providing customers with insight as to the practical application and use of UAVs and resulting information. 

In addition to providing growers with new technology, Martin and his team at Flying Ag are focused on providing more value to customers.  They are able to provide growers an array of products, across various price points, making aerial imaging a resourceful tool for large and small operations growing any variety of crops. 



Randy Aberle, Gibson City, Illinois
Twitter: @planterdoctor

Raised on a dairy farm south of Peoria, IL Randy Aberle, co-founder of Flying AG, has deeps roots in agriculture.  His love for farming started at a young age, and in 2002 had the opportunity to join and expand an already flourishing operation, RA Farms, where he now grows corn, soybeans, and wheat on the outskirts of Gibson City, IL. 

Randy’s farming operation is very technology focused.  In addition to variable rate planting and input applications, Randy has also integrated aerial imaging into his operation. He has been flying his fields for the last 4-5 years, which has allowed him to be able to pinpoint problem areas due to crop damage, nutrient deficiencies, and insects in early stages.

As a trainer for Flying Ag, Randy will take the lead on teaching farmers across the U.S. to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In particular, Randy will lead efforts related to the fixed wing style ships like the AgEagle to help farmers get an in-season look at crop production and be able to mitigate problems before they become catastrophic.

In addition to providing farmers with new technology, Randy and his team at Flying Ag are focused on providing more value to farmers. They are able to provide an array of products to farmers across various price points making aerial imaging a resourceful tool for large and small operations growing a variety of crops. 



Corey Jacobs, Ligonier, Indiana
Twitter: @foxracingfreak

At just 28 years old, Corey Jacobs, co-founder of Flying AG, has a passion for agriculture and technology. Still active in the family farm in rural Indiana he’s constantly pushing to incorporate new and better technology to improve farm practices. Corey has always loved technology and went to school for electronic system technology, which eventually led to using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on his family farm where they raise hogs and grow 1,500 acres of corn.

Corey immediately saw the benefits of UAVs on his farm and wanted to be able to offer this technology to others. In March of 2014, he launched Extreme UAVs, which offered quadcopter UAVs to farmers interested in scouting their fields from above. With these UAVs in hand, farmers are able to see their farms from a new perspective and locate water damage, weed pressure, bug infestation and other concerns in real-time. 

At Flying AG, Corey will be leading the quadcopter product line, managing sales, set-up and technical support for this line of UAVs. While some UAVs, like the Ag Eagle are good for mapping and are able to fly longer distances, the quadcopters are great solution for crop scouting and getting a real-time view of field conditions.

Because Corey is actively engaged in farming operations, he brings a new perspective to the industry and is able to provide added value to farmers looking to incorporate this new technology into their farming practices.  In addition to providing kits that are ready to go right out of the box, Corey is able to help farmers get the most out of their purchases by teaching best practices for farmers looking to scout their fields with UAVs.