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Smart PowerCharge Phantom 4 Charging Station

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The P4 is a commercial grade QUAD Charging Station designed and built exclusively for the DJI SMART BATTERY (LiPo) that is used in your P4 and the NEW MATRICE M600 batteries. This system is MICRO-PROCESSOR controlled with built in Over-Voltage protection, Over-Loading Protection and Temperature Control on power supply input. The Short-Circuit protection on power supply input insures safe operation while charging the batteries. The P4 also monitors the voltage and temperature to each battery insuring that each battery is charged safely eliminating damage and LIPO safety concerns. 
The system is capable of charging or deep cycling 4 DJI Smart Batteries simultaneously, your iPhone, or any USB device and 2 rechargeable remote controls (via 2, 26v charging ports on the end of device), all at the same time. You can even DEEP CYCLE selected batteries while charging others. When you put a SLOT in DEEP CYCLE MODE, we LOCK discharge at low voltage down to 8%. After the battery reaches below 5%, the system will automatically charge the battery to full capacity. The P4 Charging Station is capable of simultaneously charging the TB47 and TB48. Set em in, turn it ON and forget it! A must have for serious P4 users. For a complete HOW TO, CLICK HERE!

1. Charge 4 Batteries Simultaneously (Up to 6 with DJI Cable) 
2. Charge 2 REMOTE CONTROLS at same time with batteries 
3. Charge 2 USB devices such as your iPAD or iPhone or both with batteries and remotes all simultaneously. (8 devices charging at the same time) 
4. Deep cycle and condition your batteries according to DJI recommendation 
5. Auto charge your batteries after DEEP CYCLE MODE.
6. FIRMWARE Upgradable


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