SlantRange 3p Multispectral Sensor

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Powerful On-Board Analytics

Built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the SLANTRANGE 3p includes powerful new on-board image processing and analytics capabilities, providing the next generation of accuracy and speed you’ve come to expect from SLANTRANGE.

4x More Area Per Flight

Costs matter. And for small UAS operators that means the need to survey more acres per hour, more acres per flight.

The SLANTRANGE 3p’s innovative processing algorithms require only 20% image overlap, even when operating in late season row crops. Compare that to 80% overlap required by traditional processing methods – 4x less time and money spent collecting data.

Instant Results. Anywhere. Any Time.

No network required. No high-end computer required.

The SLANTRANGE 3p starts the processing on-board, while still in flight. Complete, full-product field results are available within a few minutes of landing.

If you need to operate in areas with limited to zero network or computing accessibility, or don’t have the time to upload or process your own data, the SLANTRANGE 3p is for you.

Always Accurate

Accuracy is essential. It is the difference between trusting the measurements you paid for, or wondering if those subtle changes in the data are actually just a result of inaccurate sensors or improperly combined sensors and software.

SLANTRANGE pioneered, and patented, a new approach to measurement accuracy with the introduction in 2014 of on-board, band-matched solar characterization and radiometric calibration.

The SLANTRANGE 3p is even more accurate. Innovative new design elements run together through the integrated hardware/software architecture to deliver the most accurate measurements available for small aircraft:

  • Integrated solar spectrometer for frame-to-frame radiometrically accurate reflectance measurements (US Patent 9,470,579)
  • Individual lens characterization for precise dewarping and de-vignetting
  • Optimized algorithms for dynamic cross-channel registration
  • Smart Filtering™, which selectively samples scene elements to avoid the contaminating effects of background soils, shadows, specular reflections, or other noise sources.

Altogether, these new capabilities make the 3p the most accurate aerial vegetation measurement system available.

For Use on Virtually Any Aircraft

With integrated sunlight calibration, GPS, and inertial measurement units (IMU), the SLANTRANGE 3p can be operated on virtually any aircraft. All that’s required for integration is a power source and mounting location. Smart analytics eliminate the need for gimbals or vibration isolation systems for the ultimate in simplicity. Ask us about installation kits for many common aircraft types.




  • Band positions are selectable at time of order between 410 – 950 nm, and may be reconfigured by factory. Some conditions apply, please call for details.
  • Populations and Weeds data layers are applicable to specific crop types and stages of growth. Please call for details.

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