Our Mission

Flying AG is a technology company deeply rooted in agriculture that is committed to helping farmers and growers improve real-time practices and gain financially by using unmanned aerial systems to monitor crop production in real time. 

Our Focus:

Flying AG was launched by a group of successful farmers and growers from across the U.S. who work conscientiously to help other farmers decide what to use, who to trust and where to go in this huge space of unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology.  Our philosophy and mission are to provide an array of products to farmers across various price points making aerial imaging a resourceful tool for large and small operations growing a variety of crops.

We stand for relationships with our customers. Flying AG will put together a UAS based on the farmer’s needs, and then back the technology with personalized education and product support.

Now farmers can take advantage of cutting-edge technology in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to scout crops – saving both time and money.  

    • UAVs save time by allowing farmers to cover more acreage quicker and from a bird’s eye view.
    • UAVs save money by identifying potential problems earlier so farmers can against problems like weeds or pest infestations.
    • UAVs increase profits by identifying areas where inputs, like nutrients, need to be applied, decreasing costs and increasing yields. 
    • UAVs provide immediate data so farmers and growers can react quickly to changing conditions and opportunities.
    • UAVs provide unencumbered access to assess plant conditions and animal health. 

Meet the Farmers