Flying Ag Phantom 3 Extreme Visibility Graphics Kit

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Introducing our NEW 3M™ Extreme Visibility graphics for Flying AG Phantom 3 aircraft (standard in our kits)

We are very concerned with the safe operation of the Unmanned Aerial Systems in our National Airspace.   As pilots, we understand the importance of always following the proper guidelines set by the FAA.  

 "Keep your sUAS in eyesight at all times, and use an observer to assist if needed."

This kit is simply the best you can buy to make your ship the most visible.  We are working on some other options as well, but this is a practical first step. 






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Rob Eggert Jul 14th 2016

Easy install and great finished product

High Visability Wrap that really improves your visibility of ship at a distance. Makes it much easier to keep a constant visual while flying drone deploy missions.

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