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Precision Ag Package: Drone Software For Ag Professionals

Precision Ag Package customers have access to measurement tools, exporting capabilities, and support available to “Pro” customers, plus:

  • Real-Time Live Map - Offline crop health analysis to view plant health without having to leave the field.
  • Crop Reports - up to 1,000Ac of Agremo stand count and plant population analyses (a $1,500 value!)
  • Advanced Crop Health - toggle between algorithms like NDVI or VARI, create management zones and change sensors
  • Plant Health Shapefile Export - export data to your preferred farm management software


screen-shot-2018-06-17-at-10.11.25-pm.pngLive Map

Real-time insights power real-time decisions in the field. Get the data you need immediately—no laptop or internet required

-Instant Results

-Generate aerial insights in seconds and sync your data to the cloud.

-On-Site Insights Visualize and take immediate action with RGB and thermal imagery.

-Mobile Maps Plan a flight, take off, and see maps render on-screen during flight.

Automatic Drone Flight

Fly and capture images using any DJI drone. Designed for use on the farm, by anyone.

  • Pre-plan missions for offline flight
  • Easily repeat flights for regular crop monitoring
  • Capture imagery with sensors from Slantrange, Sentera and more

screen-shot-2018-06-17-at-10.11.42-pm.pngDetect Crop Variability

Spot threats quickly and easily using NDVI and other plant health algorithms, so you can:

  • Save time with more efficient crop scouting
  • Monitor impact of treatments and test over time
  • Develop variable rate prescriptions



Built for Use in the Field

With DroneDeploy, your data isn't trapped on your computer. Easily share maps with other or take them into the field with you for note-taking on any device.


           Crop Scout

  • Compile plant counts and analyze stand establishments.

  • reduce crop loss

    Reduce Crop Loss

    Assess crop damage to negotiate fair loss percentages.

  • parasites and fungi

    Parasites & Fungi

    Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi.

  • prescription variable rate

    Prescription Maps

    Generate better variable rate prescriptions.

  • drainage and irrigation

    Drainage & Irrigation

    Plan drainage and irrigation repair.

  • Monitor Livestock

    Keep track of livestock and grazing patterns.


3 Pricing Options available to meet your needs

Pro Package

  • 1 year $999



Compatible Kits: 

Flying Ag Phantom 4 Pro Full Ag Kit $2399

Flying Ag Mavic Pro Kit $1399

Flying Ag Inspire 2 Kit $4499

Flying Ag Matice 100 Ag Kit $5599

Flying Ag M200/210 Kit


Watch intro video ~ click on product video tab.

Currently supported on iOS and  Android devices.  



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